Hisense Roku Tv No Sound

Understanding and Troubleshooting the “Hisense Roku TV No Sound” Issue

Hisense Roku Tv No Sound
Hisense Roku Tv No Sound

Hisense Roku TV is a poplar choice among American househlds for its high-quality visuals and sound. However, like any electronic device, it may occasionally encounter issues, one of which is the “hisense roku tv no sound” problem. This article will delve into the possible causes of this issue and provide practical solutions to help you restore your TV’s sound.

Common Causes of the “Hisense Roku TV No Sound” Issue

Several factors can lead to the “hisense roku tv no sound” problem. These include incorrect audio settings, software glitches, hardware malfunctions, or issues with the roku hisense tv remote. Understanding these causes can help you troubleshoot the problem more effectively.

How to Troubleshoot the “Hisense Roku TV No Sound” Issue

Here are some steps you can take to resolve the “hisense roku tv no sound” issue:

  • Check the Audio Settings: Ensure that the audio settings on your Hisene Roku TV are correctly configured. the sound mode should be set to “Stereo,” and the speakers should be turned on.
  • Restart Your TV: Sometimes, a simple restart can fix minor software glitches that may be causing the sound issue.
  • Update Your TV’s Software: Outdated software can lead to various issues, including sound problems. check if there are any available software updates for your Hisense Roku TV and install them.
  • Check the Roku Hisense TV Remote: If the remote’s volume buttons are not working properly, it could lead to sound issues. try using the remote’s volume buttons to see if they are functioning correctly.

Replacement Parts for “Hisense Roku TV No Sound”

If the above troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, it may be due to a hardware malfunction. In such cases, you may need to replace certain parts of your Hisense Roku TV. These could include the speakers, the soundboard, or even the roku hisense tv remote. always ensure to purchase genuine replacement parts from authorized dealers to maintain the quality and longevity of your TV.

When to Contact Hisense Roku TV Authorized Service

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and the sound issue persists, it’s time to contact Hisense Roku TV’s authorized service. The company has service centers in many provinces across America, ensuring that help is always within reach. To find the nearest service center, call the call center number specified on the company’s official website.


While the “hisense roku tv no sound” issue can be frustrating, understanding its causes and knowing how to troubleshoot it can help you resolve the problem quickly. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hisense Roku TV’s authorized service for professional assistance.

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