Electrolux Dryer Error Code E64

Electrolux Dryer Error Code E64: Troubleshooting and Solutions

Electrolux Dryer Error Code E64
Electrolux Dryer Error Code E64

Electrolux dryers are known for their efficiency and reliaility, but like any other appliance, they can encounter issues from time to time. One common problem that users may face is the E64 error code. In this article, we will explore what this error code means, its possible causes, and provide troubleshooting tips and solutions to help you resolve the issue.

Understanding Electrolux Dryer Error Code E64

The E64 error code on an Electrolux dryer indicates a problem with the heating element. When this error code appears, it meas that the dryer is not heating properly, which can result in clothes not drying effectively or taking longer than usual to dry.

Possible Causes of E64 Error Code

There are several potential causes for the E64 error code on an Electrolux dryer. Understanding these causes can help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue more effectively. Some common causes include:

  • Faulty heating element: The heating element may be defective or damaged, preventing it from generating enough heat to dry the clothes.
  • Thermal fuse failure: The thermal fuse is a safety device that cuts off power to the heating element if it overheats. If the thermal fuse fails, it can cause the E64 error code.
  • Wiring issues: Loose or damaged wiring connections can disrupt the flow of electricity to the heating element, resulting in the error code.
  • Control board malfunction: A malfunctioning control board can send incorrect signals to the heatng element, causing it to malfunction and trigger the error code.

Troubleshooting Electrolux Dryer Error Code E64

If you encounter the E64 error code on your Electrolux dryer, here are some troubleshoting steps you can take to resolve the issue:

  1. Check the heating element: Inspect the heating element for any signs of damage or defects. ıf you notice any issues, such as visible breaks or burns, it may need to be replaced.
  2. Test the thermal fuse: Use a multimeter to test the thermal fuse for continuity. If it fails the continuity test, it should be replaced.
  3. Inspect the wiring connections: Ensure that all wiring connections are secure and free from damage. tighten any loose connections and replace any damaged wires.
  4. Reset the control board: Sometimes, a simple reset can resolve control board malfunctions. unplug the dryer from the power source for a few minutes, then plug it back in and see if the error code persists.

Replacement Parts for Electrolux Dryer Error Code E64

If you determine that a faulty part is causing the E64 error code, you may need to replace it. here are some common replacement parts for Electrolux dryers:

  • Heating element
  • Thermal fuse
  • Control board
  • Wiring harness

It is recommended to purchase genuine Electrolux replacement parts to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. These parts can be found at authorized Electrolux dealers or through the company’s official website.

When to Call for Authorized Service

If you have followed the troubleshooting steps and the E64 error code persists, it may be time to call for authorized service. Authorized service technicians have the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and repair complex issues with Electrolux dryers. They can also provide warranty service if your dryer is still covered.

In the United States, Electrolux has service centers in many provinces. To find the nearest service center, visit the company’s official website and call the designated call center for assistance.


electrolux dryer error code e64 can be a frustrating issue, but with the right troubleshooting steps and solutions, you can resolve it effectively. By checking the heating element, testing the thermal fuse, inspecting wiring connections, and resetting the control board, you can often identify and fix the problem. If all else fails, calling for authorized service is recommended. Remember to use genuine Electrolux replacement parts for optimal performance. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of your Electrolux dryer once again!

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