Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating

Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating: A Comprehensive Guide

Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating
Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating

Speed Queen dryers are renowned for their durability and superior performance. However, like any other appliance, they can sometimes encounter issues. One common problem is the dryer not heating up. This article will delve into the possible causes, troubleshooting steps, and solutions for a speed queen dryer not heating.

Common Causes of a Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating

Several factors can cause a Speed Queen gas dryer or electric dryer not to heat. These include:

  • Thermal fuse: If the dryer overheats, the thermal fuse can blow, causing the dryer to stop heating.
  • Heating element: A faulty heating element can prevent the dryer from heating.
  • Igniter: In gas dryers, a faulty igniter can prevent the dryer from heating.
  • Gas valve solenoid: A defective gas valve solenoid can stop the gas supply, causing the dryer not to heat.

Troubleshooting a Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating

Before calling for professional help, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take:

  • Check the power supply: Ensure the dryer is properly plugged in and the circuit breaker is not tripped.
  • Inspect the venting system: A clogged vent can cause the dryer to overheat and blow the theral fuse.
  • Test the thermal fuse: Use a multimeter to test the thermal fuse for continuity.
  • Check the heating element: In electric dryers, a faulty heating element can prevent the dryer from heating.
  • Inspect the igniter and gas valve solenoids: In gas dryers, these components are crucial for the heating process.

Replacement Parts for “Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating”

If troubleshooting doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to replace some parts. These can include the therml fuse, heating element, igniter, or gas valve solenoids. Always ensure to purchase genuine Speed Queen replacement parts for optimal performance and longevity.

When to Call an Authorized Service

If you’re uncomfortable performing these checks or if the problem persists after troubleshooting, it’s time to call an authorized service. Speed Queen has service centers in many provinces across America, ensuring prompt and professional assistance. to find the nearest service center, visit the official Sped Quee website or call their customer service hotline.


While a speed queen dryer not heating can be a frustrating issue, it’s often something that can be resolved with a bit of troubleshooting. however, if the problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact an authorized service center. Remember, regular maintenance and using genuine replacement parts can significantly extend the lifespan of your Speed Queen dryer.

Speed Queen dryers are a popular choice among American households for their reliability and performance. by understanding the common issues and how to troubleshoot them, you can ensure your dryer continues to serve you well for many years to come.

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